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  1. However, this socially advantageous exchange left, for the baroness, much to be desired.
  2. Similarly, investors would be rewarded even more if the dollar strengthened against the yen, because they could sell their Treasuries and pay back the yen-denominated loans at advantageous exchange rates.
  3. The current expansion of this lucrative trade is fed by factors that cut its cost _ lower air fares, lower hotel taxes and, for most foreigners, those advantageous exchange rates _ as well as by the awareness that crime has decreased dramatically.
  4. This travel package, which is offered during Australia's summer when February temperatures range between 80 and 90 degrees, could be particularly appealing to Americans who live near the Canadian border where they can take profit from the current advantageous exchange rate against the Canadian dollar.
  5. Though not entirely wrong, the memorandum fails to recognize that the British also had the advantages of having the highest wages relative to the price of coal, high wages relative to capital prices, high silver wages which created higher living standards, and an advantageous exchange rate  none of which were granted by the treaty nor at the expense of the French economy.
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