advantaged in a sentence

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  1. The employer already has the advantage, " said Hurd.
  2. Despite the reported advantage for Zedillo, the race appears tight.
  3. One advantage we have is that we are a balanced team.
  4. Father Aristide sees no advantage in returning as an American puppet.
  5. But, " There are plenty of advantages,"
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  7. They want to make sure no one has an unfair advantage.
  8. But Woodstock'94 does start with a variety of advantages.
  9. If a guy is off, you take advantage of it.
  10. Now we can take advantage of defensive backs that are gamblers.
  11. "Meander " takes full advantage of its setting.
  12. Renaud said, adding Gizmo's size is an advantage.
  13. He has not even taken advantage of privileges he is allowed.
  14. Only 80386 computers and above can take advantage of these commands.
  15. He needs to take advantage of the speed of the freshmen.
  16. That leaves the well-armed aggressors with the firepower advantage.
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