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  1. Residents of lower income communities are thus more likely to be excluded from contact with more advantaged people.
  2. :: : : : One advantage people have over computers is the ability to easily push a stack of objects down.
  3. Ewing and Jordan are paying me enough lobbying fees to make sure the less-advantaged people in my district are taken care of.
  4. "There is a great deal of concern that some of the least advantaged people are slipping through our safety net into a state of hunger.
  5. This includes our unprecedented system of Don't re-revert ! rule, which will effectively eliminate edit warring, including any advantage people might gain from sockpuppets and tag teams.
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  7. The least advantaged people in contemporary state society are actually worse off than the remaining native peoples who live outside the reach of the authority of the state or the property rights system.
  8. It involves a comparison between the least advantaged people in modern, capitalist states with people who live in small-scale, stateless societies very remote to most modern writers in time and / or in place.
  9. Opponents like state Rep . Charles Knowles, D-Narragansett, who voted against the Rhode Island bill, say anti-bias laws designating homosexuals as a protected minority effectively create " special rights for well-educated, economically advantaged people ."
  10. "The core of the problem is that in a number of neighborhoods in the city, too many socio-economically disadvantaged people are arriving and too many advantaged people are leaving, " the council said in a statement.
  11. Santoshi Ma, who is happy with offerings of gur-chana ( raw sugar and chickpeas snack foods of the poor ) and is in fact associated with  little,  less-educated, and less-advantaged people, is in their view a newcomer threatening to usurp their status.
  12. Stead moved to London to assume the editorship of the " Independent and Nonconformist " from 1890 to 1892 and was involved in the settlement movement, which aimed to encourage relatively wealthy, educated and socially advantaged people to live in proximity with the working poor.
  13. "If you want to improve people's lives in the absence of a global government, you need to align the economic interests of the better global companies with the social interests of the least advantaged people, " said Sam Brown, the 1960s antiwar activist, former U . S . ambassador and now director of the FLA . " We need to make these companies our allies, not our opponents.

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