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  1. Grayson soon learns that Masada has built an advanced base " within"
  2. The Advanced Base Force is the ancestor of today's Fleet Marine Force.
  3. Its predecessor was the Advanced Base Force in the early 20th century.
  4. The unit also used RAF Leuchars in Scotland as an advanced base.
  5. Following the end of CFTPA, Ashworth began a new project, Advance Base.
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  7. Subject matter included : Seabee administration, history and advanced base policy.
  8. The fort here was used as an advanced base during the Russo-Kazan Wars.
  9. There it operated a Classification Center and a Naval Advance Base Personnel Depot.
  10. Their plan was to set up an advance base for a larger force.
  11. She operated out of her advanced base at Rota, Spain, until October 1972.
  12. Advancing base metal producers and cable television companies helped offset declines.
  13. The fortunes of Marine aviation from its infancy were associated with advanced base operations.
  14. Supplies were transported by about 150 porters from base camp to advanced base camp.
  15. Several factors helped renew interest in the advanced base force.
  16. In April, Mumma moved his advance base from Tufi to Morobe, Papua New Guinea.
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