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  1. Nigeria appears to have advanced further than Cameroon at this stage.
  2. Spain advanced to the second round by playing the waiting game.
  3. Brazil was already qualified to advance and Sweden was almost qualified.
  4. Investors appeared to have discounted the earnings report well in advance.
  5. No other advanced country in the world would cut them off.
  6. It's difficult to find advance in a sentence.
  7. It then advanced to the final by beating Peru and Uruguay.
  8. Gone are the methodical and slow-paced advances of Normandy.
  9. But it also has one of the most advanced treatment programs.
  10. I would propose taking very concrete measures to advance their status.
  11. Advancing stocks outnumbered declining stocks, 1, 237 to 903.
  12. Coach, we don't work that far in advance.
  13. "I haven't thought about appeals in advance.
  14. But the most advanced project involves an improved artificial hip joint.
  15. George Kennan, Institute for Advanced Study, and Annelise Kennan.
  16. Analysts said the ruling was just an inconvenience to Advanced Micro.
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