advance on in a sentence

"advance on" in Chinese  
  1. Our war against terrorists and their supporters is advancing on all fronts.
  2. JAKARTA : Indonesian shares advanced on speculative buying in Bank Central Asia.
  3. There are no advances on the ground by the Bosnia Serb troops.
  4. The winner of that segment will advance on to the main event.
  5. Plantation managers told the beneficiaries it was an advance on their dividends.
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  7. Declining issues nearly matched advances on the New York Stock Exchange.
  8. _Advance on 9 / 15 fireworks art installation in Central Park
  9. She then participated in a fleet advance on 18 20 October.
  10. The money is an advance on the funds promised by Jospin.
  11. She hesitates to kill it as Mizoguchi advances on the lab.
  12. Franco replies that Nationalist armies would advance on Republican territory anyway.
  13. EDs : Expected to move in advance on the NYT Wire.
  14. Knowledge Universe is following Sylvan by advancing on a broad front.
  15. Besides Sanchez Vicario, seven of eight other seeds advanced on Wednesday.
  16. The Confederates did not attack and Griffin advanced on Crump Road.
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