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  1. Under this Advanced Business Communications ( Europe ) began operating on the rock.
  2. It includes advanced business intelligence tools built upon a unified architecture.
  3. In addition, advanced business decision-making follows to better tactical strategies.
  4. Switzerland is well known for its advanced business education system.
  5. SBC will face significant competition in its efforts to offer more advanced business services.
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  7. Charging 5 % for handling consignments, he used advanced business methods and kept careful records.
  8. Kumber is the largest and advance business market.
  9. This alliance gave BT and MCI a global network for providing end-to-end connectivity for advanced business services.
  10. With cash advance businesses, " you don't have to write out your life history, " he said.
  11. The ability of multinationals to offer advanced business services around the world also hangs in the balance.
  12. Many believe the Chamber of Commerce, established in 1912 to advance business interests, needs to be stirred up.
  13. Born in St . John's, he studied at Dalhousie University and the Atlantic School for Advanced Business Administration.
  14. The United States is among the few countries with laws against using bribes to advance business deals abroad.
  15. Banks offer e-commerce portals, advanced business-to-business services, brokerage services, direct deposit and bill-paying, all integrated into their Web sites.
  16. The service will be available in the continental United States and let firms in remote locations use advanced business applications.
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