advance booking in a sentence

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  1. These trains are frequently packed to capacity, and advance booking is recommended.
  2. But, he said, advance bookings for the summer look encouraging, as well.
  3. Parker said AirTran executives indicated to him that advance bookings remain strong.
  4. Is advance booking necessary ? _ Ellen K . Parrella, Newtown, Conn.
  5. Advance booking was one example which helped to promote upcoming big events.
  6. It's difficult to find advance booking in a sentence.
  7. Advance booking means a guaranteed sale of tickets for the airline.
  8. "We're ahead of advanced bookings for the same time last year,"
  9. Go early, since some exhibits, shows or films require advance booking.
  10. Without 21-day advance booking, for Arizona residents, $ 69 per room, per night.
  11. Airline executives say advance bookings suggest that traffic is still rising.
  12. Tickets range from roughly $ 13 to $ 32.60; advance booking is advised.
  13. International advance bookings are stronger than a year ago, he said.
  14. "Nanban " advance booking opened well in Chennai city and suburbs.
  15. SETC provides advance booking and reservation on all of its routes.
  16. The advance booking with Royal Caribbean landed her a deluxe cabin.
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