advance and retreat in a sentence

"advance and retreat" in Chinese  
  1. Chinese forces alternated between advance and retreat until the Russian position was over-run.
  2. Periodic climate changes resulted in corresponding advances and retreats of ice.
  3. The glacier exhibits a cyclic pattern of advance and retreat.
  4. Actors swap dialogue; settings change; plot lines advance and retreat.
  5. History has pondered this event as thoroughly as Napoleon's advance and retreat in Russia.
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  7. The advance and retreat of Illinois'glaciers coincided with cooling and warming spells of climate.
  8. During a glacial, the glacier experiences minor advances and retreats.
  9. During this last glacial period, there were several changes between glacier advance and retreat.
  10. Relationships progress not in a straight line, but through endless cycles of advance and retreat.
  11. When these advances and retreats are concurrent, they provide proof that climate is driving the species'change.
  12. Each advance and retreat left a residue of unexploded stuff and a generous scattering of mines.
  13. The land contours familiar today were carved by the advance and retreat of the ice sheet.
  14. A giant, open-mouthed Neptune in ravaged bas-relief advances and retreats from the back of the stage.
  15. The children learn how to squat in the en garde position, lunge and thrust, advance and retreat.
  16. Tunnel valleys are often buried or partially buried by sediment accumulation during periods of ice advance and retreat.
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