advance a in a sentence

"advance a" in Chinese  
  1. One of the teams will advance a step further than last year.
  2. KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysian shares advanced as institutional funds bought key stocks.
  3. BANGKOK : Thai shares advanced as foreign investors bought into the market.
  4. Those who challenge the conclusions must advance a reason for doing so.
  5. Wheat slid in light volume after advancing a bit in early trading.
  6. It's difficult to find advance a in a sentence.
  7. The United Development Party ( PPP ) faction advanced a similar view.
  8. Nobody knew in advance as to when the attack would take place.
  9. TEC Corp . advanced as much as 24 yen to 585 yen.
  10. What about technological advances as new and complex as cyberspace and Internet?
  11. The Mets also advanced a runner to third in the fourth inning.
  12. Shares earlier advanced as much as 5 7 / 8 to 84.
  13. How can I tell in advance a combination that will work?
  14. They were set up to advance a range of social causes.
  15. Its mission is to develop and advance a sustainable transportation future.
  16. Vik also advanced a conspiracy theory of Germans gradually taking over.
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