advance a new theory in a sentence

"advance a new theory" in Chinese  
  1. Professor A . J . Clement researched the story in 1964 and advanced a new theory.
  2. She gave me the thinking time to advance a new theory I have about human behavior in South Florida.
  3. Bomberger advances a new theory for the sudden decline of MacDowell's health : paresis at the time, as it was the case with MacDowell's death certificate.
  4. She gave me the thinking time to advance a new theory I have about human behavior in South Florida . ( Minor, Palm Beach Post ) MOVED.
  5. :I read the 1924 paper, but as noted by Begoon, Oparin was a biochemist, and it does not appear that he was trying to advance a new theory of Earth origins.
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  7. I'll stand corrected if anyone can point out a major book he's written or can explain that he is remarkable within his field e . g . for advancing a new theory.
  8. The anonymous messages advanced a new theory : a B-2 bomber had collided with the Trans World Airlines jumbo jet, a horrendous accident that the U . S . government had managed to cover up.
  9. Astronomy, geology, mineralogy and other exact sciences provide evidence for this and it is beyond doubt . " Did he then misconstrue that to mean other scientists thought that Earth was a cooled star, or did that represent the mainstream position of the day, or was he advancing a new theory?
  10. In the 17th and 18th centuries notions of morality ( theology ) and value ( economics ) separate, leading Smith to advance a new theory of value based on divisions of labor rather than value being defined in a religious context of working for God ( Wilk and Cliggett 2007 : 50-51 ).
  11. Shozo Omori created a unique monist epistemology based on his concepts of " representation monism, " " double depiction, " and " language animism . " Wataru Hiromatsu developed his theory of " multi-subjective ontological structure of the world . " Yasuo Yuasa advanced a new theory of the body influenced by Merleau-Ponty and the body image found in Chinese medicine.

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