advance a line in a sentence

"advance a line" in Chinese  
  1. I disagree that the category should be used and advance a line of argument to support that view.
  2. He argues that Clarence Darrow, in defending Leopold and Loeb, advanced a line of reasoning devoid of " any guiding principles of good and evil, sanity and madness, innocence and guilt ."
  3. Bush used the occasion to try to advance a line of attack the White House and his re-election campaign have been using against Democratic rival John Kerry : that he favors tax increases.
  4. Before the closure of the Photo Imaging unit, the Dim鈍e lineup included the long-zoom Z line, the E / G lines ( the G series finally incorporating former Konica models ), the thin / light X line, and the advanced A line.
  5. It's difficult to find advance a line in a sentence.

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