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  1. Hope you can find it and thanks in advanc.
  2. Bangkok : Advance Info Service Plc pays an interim dividend . ( See : ADVANC TB Equity DVD)
  3. -- Advanced Info Services PCL ( ADVANC TB ) was raised to " neutral " from " underperform " by analysts Mark Shuper and Jeffrey Camp at Morgan Stanley.
  4. The majority believes that federal oversight of state court custody judgments is necessary to " advanc ( e ) uniform outcomes, " and when that cannot be achieved, to " reduce the area of uncertainty ."
  5. On the ship overseas, how ever, DeHeer met a machine-gunner who'd told him that, in combat, it's better to be in a foxhole behind an imposing weapon than to be advanc ing in the open.
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  7. Goldman accused a senior vice president of repeatedly propositioning her, a regional manager of making sexual advanc STORY IN es at her during a business dinner, and another executive of inviting her to his hotel room with the implication that he wanted her to have sex with him.
  8. In 1966, " Esquire " magazine credited Feldman with " advanc [ ing ] the theory that there were two assassins : one on the grassy knoll and one in the Book Depository . " Jim Marrs also wrote that the weight of evidence suggested shots came from both the Grassy Knoll and the Texas School Book Depository.
  9. J . Allan Hobson, in the pages of the " Northwestern University Law Review ", capitalized on the inspiration of Unger's thesis to develop a new psychiatric program in " advanc [ ing ] from a set of slogans to testable hypotheses . " He praised Unger for pinpointing the root of the problem-- " Psychoanalysis is out of gas, and biological psychiatry is not yet up to speed.
  10. Company news PACFIN TB Equity CN BLAND TB Equity CN BIC TB Equity CN AIG US Equity CN CS SW Equity CN KMC TB Equity CN FIN1 TB Equity CN CMIC TB Equity CN GF TB Equity CN DBS SP Equity CN KK TB Equity CN SDF TB Equity CN TPI TB Equity CN TPIPL TB Equity CN BLAND TB Equity CN KTT TB Equity CN FRAZ TB Equity CN TA TB Equity CN ADVANC TB Equity CN WLBG GR Equity CN Category News NI FIN finance NI SCR securities NI BNK banks NI IMF IMF NI CEN central banks NI GOV government NI THECO Thai economy NI ECO economics NI CEN central bank NI TEL telephone industryRegion News NI THAI Thailand NI ASIAX Asia ex-Japan NI ASIA Asia NI EM Emerging markets On Thai finance industry : TNI THAI FIN-0-( STR ) Dec / 08 / 97 14 : 53 EOS ( STR ) Dec / 08 / 97 00 : 53 86-0-( BN ) Dec / 08 / 97 1 : 27 EOS ( BN ) Dec / 08 / 97 01 : 27

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