advamed in a sentence

  1. Advanced Medical Technology Association : www . advamed . org
  2. AdvaMed supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act s tax on medical devices.
  3. AdvaMed : www . advamed . org
  4. AdvaMed : www . advamed . org
  5. MedAccred was added to the AdvaMed Resource Center, Case for Quality Library in August 2015.
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  7. Companies are more likely to take on the challenge if doctors tell them what pediatric devices they need most, says the industry group AdvaMed.
  8. Soderberg serves on the Boards of : Hillenbrand Industries, Inc .; Constellation Brands, Inc .; Greatbatch, Inc .; and Advamed.
  9. AdvaMed advocates for a legal, regulatory, and economic climate that advances global health care by assuring patients can have access to the benefits of medical technology.
  10. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Advanced Medical Technology Association ( AdvaMed ) and Partners in Health, and he is a member of Business Roundtable.
  11. MacMillan also served on the board of directors of Texas Instruments, Alere, the Advanced Medical Technology Association ( AdvaMed ), Southwest Michigan First and the Greater Kalamazoo United Way.
  12. In 2006 AdvaMed launched a $ 1 million " education and advertising campaign designed to convey the value of medical technology to both policy makers and the general public in Washington, D . C ."
  13. Randy Burkholder, associate vice president of the Advanced Medical Technology Association _ the medical manufacturers trade group commonly called AdvaMed _ said Medicare is setting a bad precedent by considering cost in making a coverage decision.
  14. In 2010, AdvaMed's Ubl " called for the creation of a new White House office dedicated to promoting U . S . innovation " as well as a requirement that federal agencies " provide an innovation impact statement for all major policy decisions or regulations ".
  15. According to a study commissioned by AdvaMed, the tax has led to a " dramatic increase in pay-for-performance, risk-sharing, and the use of evidence-based medicine, which can lead to newer devices not being covered by insurance if there s no proof they are better than older devices ".

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