aduthurai in a sentence

  1. Thiruppanandal and Aduthurai are two minor commercial places and Kumbakonam is a major commercial place.
  2. There are two rivers to the north of Aduthurai : the Veera Chozhan river and the Cauvery.
  3. Suryanar Kovil is located to the East of Kumbakonam, from Aduthurai and the Kumbakonam-Mayiladuthurai road.
  4. Kanjanoor, the temple for Sukran, is located from Suryanar Kovil in the Aduthurai-Kuthalam road.
  5. It is 4 km from the town of Papanasam and is also known as Aduthurai and Aaduthurai Perumal Koil.
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  7. It is situated between Aduthurai and Kuthalam at a distance of about 25 kilometres from Kumbakonam and 13 kilometres from Mayiladuthurai.
  8. Some noteworthy breeds developed here are Aduthurai 32 ( ADT-32 ) and Aduthurai 36 ( ADT-36 ).
  9. Some noteworthy breeds developed here are Aduthurai 32 ( ADT-32 ) and Aduthurai 36 ( ADT-36 ).
  10. The name Aduthurai comes from the Tamil word ThenKurangaduthurai, which translates to " southern land where monkeys used to dance ".
  11. "' Viswanathapuram "'is a Greenish village situated in between Aduthurai to Thiruppanandal, under Thiruvidaimarudur Taluk at Tanjore district.
  12. The village is accessible by road and frequent transportation services are available from Kumbaknoam, Mayiladuthuri, Aduthurai and Thiruvarur; just some of the major towns with transportation.
  13. "' Prananadeswarar Temple "'is located in the village of Thirumangalakudi, 2 kilometres from the Aduthurai is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  14. This temple is located in Aduthurai, near to Sri Kumara Gurupara Swamigal Higher Secondary School ( K . G . S . H . S . S . ).
  15. The main towns on the way are Papanasam, Kumbakonam, Aduthurai, Kuttalam, Mayiladuthurai, Vaithisvaran Koil, Sirkali, Chidambaram, Cuddalore Port Junction, Panruti, Villupuram, Tindivanam, Melmaruvathur, Chengalpattu, Tambaram, and Mambalam.
  16. The Rice City Matriculation Higher Secondary School, situated near the Aduthurai railway station, aims to provide an all-round education for children at a low cost but with the same standard as the city schools ( from kindergarten to 12th grade ).
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