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  1. ""'Agabus adustus " "'is a species of predatory diving beetle belonging to the family Dytiscidae.
  2. The dusky damselfish " S . adustus " spends the majority of its life within a territory that is only approximately 0.6 square meters in area.
  3. The "'black wrasse "', " Halichoeres adustus ", is a species of wrasse native to the eastern Pacific Ocean around Cocos Island, the Revillagigedo Islands, Tres Marias Islands, and the Galapagos.
  4. Wayne ( 1986 ) concluded that the dog is closer in skull morphology to " C . latrans, C . aureus, C . adustus, C . mesomelas, Cuon alpinus " and " Lycaon pictus " than to the wolf.
  5. ""'Stegastes adustus " "', the "'dusky damselfish "'or "'scarlet-backed demoiselle "', is a damselfish of the family Pomacentridae found at one-to three-meter depths on surging and wavy coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, the tropical waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.
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  7. However, Kieser and Groeneveld ( 1992 ) compared the mandibulo-dental measurements of jackals ( " C . adustus, C . mesomelas " ) and Cape foxes ( " Vulpes chama " ) to equivalent-sized dogs and found that the canines of these other canids tended to be slightly smaller and their second molars larger compared to dogs, otherwise the proportions were essentially the same in all species.

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