admission fee in a sentence

"admission fee" meaning  "admission fee" in Chinese  
  1. Because there is no admission fee, attendance figures have not been kept.
  2. The regular $ 4 admission fee will be reduced to 25 cents.
  3. Museum administrators rush to welcome him, waiving admission fees despite his protestations.
  4. They also charge an admission fee and offer official souvenirs for sale.
  5. The organization reported that admission fees provided 72 percent of its income.
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  7. Promise Keepers used to charge an admission fee of about $ 60.
  8. The park is open year round and an admission fee is charged.
  9. The admission fee of $ 4 could be lowered or dropped entirely.
  10. With no admission fees, the events have yet to break even financially.
  11. It is open Wednesdays through Sundays . An admission fee is charged.
  12. This is not a tourist attraction nor is there an admission fee.
  13. Some are increasing general admission fees or imposing fees for special exhibitions.
  14. A nominal admission fee is charged for each person entering the park.
  15. The Four Corners Monument located there has a per person admission fee.
  16. Aside from the cost of the ferry there is no admission fee.
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