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  1. Changzhou urban management administrative execution bureau
  2. A study on the system of arbitrary administrative execution in china
  3. Conceptive evolvement and orientation of chinese arbitrary administrative execution
  4. The subject and control mechanism of arbitrary administrative execution
  5. Fourth , administrative execution is chaotic , even rude sometimes
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  7. On the arbitrary administrative execution in demolishing the illegal building
  8. Research on the frame of administrative execution in modern japan ' s taxation system
  9. The problems with china ' s administrative execution of law and their causes and countermeasures
  10. In the second part , the writer discussed the nature of the power of arbitrary administrative execution and move mechanism of the power of arbitrary administrative execution
  11. Of the administrative execution of the movemeni in transforming stage , tries to find out the countermeasures of them to regulate govenunent behavior and enhance administrative efficiency
  12. In this part via introducing the status in quo of which in foreign countries i illustrate the running status of the administrative license system which in the administrative legislation and the administrative execution
  13. Tax payers have the right to apply for a concurrent review on the normal administrative document on which specific administrative executions made by tax authorities are based when they apply for tax administrative review
  14. Study the improving methods and steps and mainly solve the problems by administrative . we should do the five works ; first ; to perform the reformation of administrative system positively . second ; to sound the administrative execution
  15. The writer has put forward a new train of thought that the power of arbitrary administrative execution will carry out well by using the double restriction and activation mechanisms . through the coordination of this double restriction and activation mechanisms , the best distrbution pattern of resources will apear , the value objective of morden administrative law will be accomplished
  16. Third ; to strengthen the construction of administrative lega1 system ; forth ; to improve the quality of administrators , fifth , the quality of administrative culture . the article carries out the joining of the theory and practice , the joining of the macroscopic and microcosmic , the joining of merely alleviate the symptoms of and illness and effect a permanent cure and points out and analyze the administration execution problems during the period of social transformation and study to improve the steps of the administrative execution newly
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