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  1. As with a clock spring, the Lewis gun recoil spring had an adjustment device to alter the recoil resistance for variations in temperature and wear.
  2. Raddin attributed the break to a phenomenon called " dumping, " which is when the webbing is pulled or moved to one side of the adjustment device through which the belt webbing travels.
  3. The company also is recalling about 30, 860 F-Series Super Cab trucks in the U . S . and Canada to repair front seat power adjustment devices that may cause electrical shorts and possibly fires.
  4. He observed the English Gloster Gamecock fighter with its Bristol Jupiter engine, which was an advanced design for the era with an automatic adjustment device for tappet clearance, spiral piping for even intake distribution, and a four-valve intake and exhaust system.
  5. The gimbal included a lateral adjustment device for aligning the combustion chamber with the vehicle, so that, in addition to transmitting the thrust from the injector assembly to the vehicle thrust structure, the gimbal also provided a pivot bearing for deflection of the thrust vector, thus providing flight attitude control of the vehicle.
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