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  1. Grade B inmates are mostly held in a building called the Adjustment Center.
  2. He escaped while in the adjustment center ( jail within the jail ).
  3. An alarm was eventually sounded and Jackson and Johnny Spain ran from the Adjustment Center.
  4. In 1971, Sirhan was housed in the Adjustment Center at San Quentin State Prison.
  5. Jackson was strip searched in San Quentin's Adjustment Center, then escorted to the visiting room.
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  7. Fama also said the state should take a closer look at the Adjustment Center to see what is going on.
  8. Sergeant Jere Graham was killed by inmates when he came to the Adjustment Center to pick up DeLeon for another assignment.
  9. Richard Allen Davis lives in a cell in San Quentin's Adjustment Center, essentially an auxiliary wing of death row.
  10. It is located near the Adjustment Center, which houses more than 100 of the prison's most dangerous and criminals.
  11. San Quentin officials would not allow reporters to see death row or the Adjustment Center or talk to any death row prisoners.
  12. Because of the attacks, 14 officers requested and received transfers from the Adjustment Center, Crittendon said, and four have quit.
  13. Later in 2010, McGinley's exhibition " Life Adjustment Center " was held at Ratio 3 in San Francisco.
  14. The opening gave the inmates access to a walkway guards use to escort handcuffed inmates to and from the Adjustment Center, correctional sources said.
  15. The five men who were on the State's " death row " were moved in June 2010 from the Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center.
  16. The Lee Adjustment Center is a vacant, for-profit, medium security prison, with a capacity of 800 inmates, owned by Corrections Corporation of America.
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