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  1. The Trade Adjustment Assistance program could be an even bigger stumbling block.
  2. Trade adjustment assistance can help to retrain workers who lose their jobs.
  3. Some displaced American workers have turned to the Trade Adjustment Assistance program for help.
  4. Currently, factory workers get such aid under trade-adjustment assistance.
  5. Comprehensive adjustment assistance for workers who do lose their jobs is something that we can easily afford.
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  7. He aided Max Baucus, the committee's chairman, negotiate an expansion of the Trade Adjustment Assistance with Republicans.
  8. But proposed provisions in the trade adjustment assistance bill remained unresolved despite intense behind the scenes negotiations.
  9. One Missouri group-- its identity remains confidential-- did apply for certification under the NAFTA Transitional Adjustment Assistance Program.
  10. Bentsen authored the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act of 2002, which was part of the final bill approved by Congress.
  11. An aid program for displaced workers called Trade Adjustment Assistance ( TAA ) was also included in the bill.
  12. Clinton is to announce Wednesday a plan that is expected to add more than $ 500 million to trade adjustment assistance.
  13. In early 1973, Hollis authored another study on trade adjustment assistance based on a six months research campaign which drew acclaim.
  14. A provision allows workers whose jobs are jeopardized by the pact to seek " transitional adjustment assistance " from the federal government.
  15. Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms provides import impacted companies with professional guidance, business recovery plan development, and cost-sharing for outside consulting services.
  16. The U . S . Labor Department's Trade Adjustment Assistance program provides for job search allowances, income support and job retraining assistance.
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