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  1. But an adherence to the basics is what keeps Tiffany alive.
  2. Many would also force adherence by even single-house developers.
  3. Public opinion will catch up with principled adherence to constitutional duty.
  4. Honor is the adherence to principles considered right despite personal risks.
  5. Adherence is critical to success of the drugs, he said.
  6. It's difficult to find adherence in a sentence.
  7. China is not known for its strict adherence to trade agreements.
  8. Bush claims that adherence to the Kyoto pact would harm America.
  9. Adherence to existing obstruction calls eased some of that this season.
  10. Full adherence to speed limits alone alone would reduce air pollution,
  11. Mitchell pledged adherence to PBS's non-commercial mandate.
  12. The association's Surveillance Authority monitors adherence to the pact.
  13. Some established jurisdictions require adherence to design and historic preservation guidelines.
  14. There he signed Slovakia's adherence to the Tripartite Pact.
  15. Adherence to the geocentric model stemmed largely from several important observations.
  16. Possibly, the iconoclastic views than for their adherence to Adoptionism.
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