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  1. Wikipedia HAS RULES AND THIS COUNTRY HAS COPY RIGHT LAWS, I suggest adhereing to both.
  2. My only issue has been about adhereing to the guidelines, and I will continue to hold to that, as I hope you both will also-- in our different ways.
  3. I am reading alot of rules and info, adhereing to them I agree with them, this is my bio, all true, not hawking products, not spamming, just who I am and what I have done.
  4. The question at hand is whether an editor who couches debate not in terms of adhereing to sources ( OED, and Cambridge and Routledge encyclopedias and dozens of standard texts ) but in terms of an academic battle between linguistics and folklore and'anti-folkloristic bias'should be allowed to stack the votes to reverse consensus by recruiting 12 editors personally selected by him for their folklorist viewpoint.
  5. According to the censuses conducted in 1880, 1890, 1900 and 1910 the population of Czechowice grew from 2804 in 1880 to 7056 in 1910 with a dwindling majority being native Polish-speakers ( from 96.6 % in 1880 to 86.7 % in 1910 ) accompanied by a growing German-speaking minority ( from 95 or 3.4 % in 1880 to 611 or 8.9 % in 1910 ) and Czech-speaking ( from 33 or 1.1 % in 1890 to 290 or 4.3 % in 1910 ), in terms of religion in 1910 majority were Roman Catholics ( 94.1 % ), followed by Protestants ( 231 or 3.3 % ), Jews ( 176 or 2.5 ) and 9 people adhereing to yet another faith.
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