adhered in a sentence

"adhered" in Chinese  
  1. Whether the baseball players adhere to it is open to debate.
  2. Adhering to seniority rules, Republicans gave the seat to Helms.
  3. There is no formula, no philosophy that he adheres to.
  4. Ms . Obuchowski said Nextwave had adhered scrupulously to federal regulations.
  5. Thagard lost weight as he adhered to an unfamiliar Russian diet.
  6. It's difficult to find adhered in a sentence.
  7. Texans deserve public employees who adhere to the highest ethical standards,
  8. The partners adhere to a credo of enlightened self-interest.
  9. It is not to adhere to some kind of strict ideology.
  10. The toothbrush holder adheres to the sink with a suction cup.
  11. Miller has adhered to it, but with his own spin.
  12. The larger chains have certain standards that must be adhered to.
  13. We have adhered consistently and faithfully to those goals and objectives,
  14. OPEC needs to ensure that cheaters adhere to their set quotas.
  15. The Summer Games adhered to the original four-year cycle.
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