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  1. To ADFI president Catherine Picard, the LDS church was " a movement with cultic deviances ".
  2. As of 31 December 2004, UNADFI was composed of 26 ADFI associations and totaled 1, 520 member families.
  3. The religious group is criticized by French anti-cult associations, including CCMM and ADFI which considered it as a cult.
  4. In the daily faxes that ADFI, France s powerful anti-cult organization, sends out to every major newspaper in France, the Raelians are a primary target.
  5. In its periodical, anti-cult association ADFI stated that it is " regularly contacted by families or individuals facing conflictual and painful situations because of the membership of a relative into this movement ".
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  7. In France, the church is suspected by two anti-cults associations, ADFI and CCMM, of " cultic deviances " and of having committed acts of violence involving the death of a fifteen-year minor.
  8. He founded, alongside others such as Swiss pastor and former member of the ADFI Paul Ranc, the association Vigi-sectes in 1998 who fights against cults from an evangelical perspective . and an extensive encyclopedia on Christianity.
  9. The ADFI of Lille deemed that " it is unhelpful to try to classify this church as cults or non-cult " and that " the likelihood is high that the genealogy becomes a major means of mormon proselytizing ".
  10. Associations created to defend New Religious Movements such as the CAP LC ( Coordination des associations de particuliers pour la libert?de conscience ) and the CICNS ( Le Centre d information et de conseil des nouvelles spiritualit閟 ) publish testimonies of the victims of the ADFI member groups.
  11. As for Marie Drilhon of Yvelines ADFI, she publicely said that the Mormon religion is " a demanding church for the faithful ", described some cases of pressure under former members so that they return into the church, and considered that " people who are more fragile don't do well in this church ."
  12. Associations critical of the UNADFI reproach the association of involving itself in divorce proceedings, where an abusive use of the word " cult " would result in winning guardianship over children . and that it had intervened in certain matters where its information had proved false "  La Famille ( ex Enfants de Dieu ) gagne son proc鑣 en France : Une  catastrophe pour l'ADFI et pour la Mission interminist閞ielle de lutte contre les sectes ? on the site of the CESNUR:

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