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  1. Communications between divisions, corps, and army headquarters were done with the ADFGVX cipher.
  2. In attempting to break the ADFGVX cipher Painvin lost 15 kg in weight.
  3. In fact, the Germans believed the ADFGVX cipher was unbreakable.
  4. In June of 1918 Captain Georges Painvin, a DB cryptoanalyst, was able to crack part of the Germans'ADFGVX cipher.
  5. In 1918, French intercept personnel captured a message written in the new ADFGVX cipher, which was cryptanalyzed by Georges Painvin.
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  7. Examples of ciphers that combine fractionation and transposition include the bifid cipher, the trifid cipher, the ADFGVX cipher and the VIC cipher.
  8. Moreover, it is usually overlooked that the basic version of the ADFGVX cipher had been particularly created for the German spring offensive in 1918, meant to deal the Allies a devastating blow.
  9. The 2009 challenge ended with a Jefferson Disk cipher, the 2012 challenge ended with the ADFGVX Cipher, the 2014 with the Playfair Cipher, and the most recent challenge ended with a sectioned Cadenus transposition.
  10. In the later stages of the competition, the ADFGVX cipher, the Solitaire cipher, the Double Playfair cipher, the Hill cipher, the Book cipher and versions of the Enigma and Fialka cipher machines have all been used.
  11. The code used in the message above ( which, just in case you couldn't break it, means " attack at 10 p . m . " ) is known as the ADFGVX Cipher and is one of many codes and ciphers that Singh elucidates, almost always in language that an innumerate like myself can understand.

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