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  1. Adebisi is one of the most feared and powerful inmates in Oz.
  2. Adebisi approaches Pancamo about becoming partners in the drug trade.
  3. Simon Adebisi then comes back and takes over the Homeboys.
  4. He enforces this by making Pancamo, Morales, and Adebisi trustees.
  5. Adebisi routinely harasses his constant sidekick, but freely shares the drugs.
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  7. He was succeeded by professor Jelili Adebisi Omotola in 1995.
  8. Ige had apparently backed Osun Gov . Bamidele Adebisi Akande, ThisDay said.
  9. Adebisi then forces Wangler to accuse Unit Manager Tim McManus of sexual harassment.
  10. Hughes however leaves Adebisi with a gun on his last day of work.
  11. Adebisi is rattled by these events and begins to distrust his own men.
  12. Adebisi comes to Pancamo, asking to be partners in the drug trade.
  13. Adebisi refuses and Hernandez points out that he is in a crazy state.
  14. He helps Adebisi seriously injure withdrawal during the riot.
  15. Adebisi goes to the psych ward as a result.
  16. Ige had apparently backed Osun State Gov . Bamidele Adebisi Akande, ThisDay said.
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