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  1. His mother took young Adebayor around Africa looking for a cure.
  2. Bendtner and Adebayor, however, did not get along well.
  3. Emmanuel Adebayor scored the only goal in the 83rd minute.
  4. Togo 1 ( Sheyi Adebayor, 23 ), Mali 0
  5. Despite being injured, Adebayor played for Togo against Cameroon.
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  7. Adebayor then burst past the defense but stabbed his powerful low shot wide.
  8. However, Adebayor was brought back into the Togo team in September 2007.
  9. He was set up for the goal by fellow club newcomer Emmanuel Adebayor.
  10. Chevant髇 and Adebayor became the starting pair under Deschamps.
  11. Adebayor was made team captain after the finals.
  12. Adebayor was irate and needed to be escorted off the field by Arsenal officials.
  13. The song was endorsed by African footballers Emmanuel Adebayor and Samuel Eto'o.
  14. Monaco also missed a chance on 90 minutes, when Sheyi Adebayor hit the post.
  15. This was seen as controversial because Adebayor signed for Manchester City that summer from Arsenal.
  16. Reading lost 2 0 to the Gunners, with Emmanuel Adebayor and Gilberto Silva scoring.
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