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  1. He was also the President and Chairman of Argentine Banking Association ( ADEBA ).
  2. He was the son of the actor and painter Domingo Fern醤dez Adeba, brother of musician and also actor Leandro Fern醤dez and Paola Fern醤dez.
  3. A consortium of Argentine banks, led by Argentine Banking Association ( Adeba ) President CDS insurance payout of $ 1 billion on August 1.
  4. They and others are demanding the bank reimburse them, but Argentina's banking federation, ADEBA, has said the institution is not liable.
  5. Brito became chairman of the Argentine Banking Association ( ADEBA ) on April 8, 2003 until 2016, when was succeed by Daniel Llamb韆s, chairman of Grupo Financiero Galicia owner of Banco Galicia.
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  7. ADEBA was founded in 1972 and is part of the G-6 Group, which unites the main Argentine business entities such as the Argentine Industrial Union, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the Argentine Construction Chamber, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, and the Argentine Rural Society.

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