additionally in a sentence

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  1. Additionally, many, many families have members who are gay.
  2. Additionally, no one reported the alleged remarks to game officials.
  3. Additionally, many urban apartment buildings are encased in high security.
  4. Additionally, retail sales recovered in November from a weak October.
  5. Additionally, at least one chipmaker has scaled back expansion plans.
  6. It's difficult to find additionally in a sentence.
  7. Additionally, Rascon said teachers should be more familiar with gangs.
  8. Additionally, corporate issuers are expected to come to the market.
  9. Additionally, those customers were paying discounted prices for their seats.
  10. Additionally, many companies continue to cut jobs to save money.
  11. Additionally, they fear that disclosure requirements will add to costs.
  12. Additionally, foreign competition is picking up some of the slack.
  13. Additionally, it imposes a huge financial burden on individual states.
  14. The museum was additionally foolish to have dissembled about the financing.
  15. Additionally, there is Nextel, strictly a national wireless player.
  16. Additionally, the Farrellys always hold a premiere in Rhode Island.
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