additional finance in a sentence

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  1. An undisclosed private utility would provide $ 100 million in additional financing.
  2. Atlanta-based Delta's low credit rating hampers its ability to raise additional financing.
  3. Additional financing would come from the U . S . Export-Import Bank.
  4. EchoStar still has some time before it needs additional financing, Henderson said.
  5. Initial financing came from Germany and France with additional financing from Peru.
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  7. Markley declined to say whether the company planned to seek additional financing.
  8. It seeks " additional financing to supplement normal cash flow ."
  9. The additional financing has enabled program directors to hire and retain better-quality educators.
  10. Russia will receive $ 12.6 in additional financing during the rest of 1998.
  11. Zafirelis said he was confident the firm would secure additional financing.
  12. The second wing was added in 1936 when additional financing was made available.
  13. WorldCom has yet to resume negotiations with its lenders to raise additional financing.
  14. That allowed him to pour additional financing into marketing the book.
  15. Additional financing is coming from the Ringling endowment and the state.
  16. In June 1909, difficulties arose in obtaining additional finance for ongoing ship construction.
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