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  1. Reagan ordered a buildup of the US military, incurring additional budget deficits.
  2. He said the ministry should also allocate additional budget for this purpose.
  3. In addition, their governments will face additional budget deficits totaling $ 308 million.
  4. Additional budget was allocated by the DepEd for the procurement of facility worth 2.5 million.
  5. Additional budget documents and materials are available on the government budget website for other interested parties.
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  7. Clinton said at the White House today, a day after the Republicans called off additional budget talks.
  8. The rest of the 15 billion additional budget will go to benefits for pensioners and subsidized housing loans.
  9. But German and French ministers argued additional budget cuts or tax hikes would only worsen their dire economic straits.
  10. Metta said Nepo would ask for an additional budget from the Energy Conservation Fund to continue the promotion campaign.
  11. The Cabinet also vowed to promote early implementation of funds set aside in an additional budget passed in May.
  12. But he wonders how many students will remain, and whether additional budget cuts can absorb another steep enrollment drop.
  13. Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto said yesterday in Hawaii the government wouldn't decide on the additional budget until at least mid-September.
  14. In a radio interview, he said additional budget cuts of 5 billion guilders are desired in the next two years.
  15. Others say Silva may have to make additional budget cuts, after announcing $ 3.9 billion in cuts earlier this month.
  16. Vice Finance Minister Tadashi Ogawa said yesterday at a press briefing that the ministry sees no need for an additional budget.
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