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  1. An additional bit marks " special exits " such as locked doors.
  2. Additional bits added by the UTF-8 encoding process are shown in black.
  3. Additional bits added by the UTF-16 encoding process are shown in black.
  4. These additional bits are called " justification " or " stuffing " bits.
  5. In many cases, the additional bit of information can be stored at no additional memory cost.
  6. It's difficult to find additional bit in a sentence.
  7. A table with only three entries could be enlarged by incorporating additional bits of the mantissa.
  8. This choice, while costing an additional bit per macroblock, can improve prediction quality and therefore reduce residual.
  9. Encryption is measured in bits, with each additional bit making the code twice as hard to read.
  10. :Your External links need an additional bit of formatting : a phrase describing what the link is to.
  11. And, Spike said, an additional bit of confirmation came when he was looking at a Caravaggio in London with Hockney.
  12. The header contains an 8-bit Source Address and a 17-bit Parameter Group Number, as well as a few additional bits.
  13. In general, each additional bit of key length doubles the amount of effort needed for unauthorized users to break the key.
  14. Addresses referenced a single character encoded in 6 bits with two additional bits per character, a word mark and a parity bit.
  15. Several bank-switching control bits could be gathered into a register, approximately doubling the available memory spaces with each additional bit in the register.
  16. It is an offline binary search tree, while only using O ( \ log \ log n ) additional bits of memory per node.
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