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  1. Still, Egan objected, wanting to check additional ballots before they were accepted.
  2. After five hours'delay, additional ballots were delivered, he said.
  3. She added, " We don't feel comfortable fooling with the process and sending out additional ballots ."
  4. After five hours'delay, additional ballots were delivered.
  5. Many use subterfuge and select bunches of additional ballots which they do not actually intend to use.
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  7. The House would take three additional ballots.
  8. As a re-sult of those additional ballots, Bush had taken the lead by four votes, county officials said.
  9. Additional ballots had to be rushed to some booths that ran out less than three hours after polls opened.
  10. The decision could put several hundred additional ballots into play, said Suzanne Gunzburger, one of two Democrats on the election board.
  11. As a result of those additional ballots, Gore's lead shrank to 132 votes, said Diane Denish, chairwoman of the state Democratic Party.
  12. Under this end game, Gore at some point decides he cannot come up with the additional ballots to erase Bush's 537-vote lead in Florida.
  13. Voters may request additional ballots to audit they ensure the ballots are properly printed by revealing all the codes and comparing these to the codes committed to.
  14. Gore's campaign hailed the ruling, saying it cleared the way for Florida's Supreme Court to decide the election by counting additional ballots requested by the vice president.
  15. And in Glendale's 43rd Assembly District race, Democrat Scott Wildman's 544-vote edge over Republican John Geranios had slipped to 378 votes with the additional ballots counted Friday.
  16. But now the economy has recovered, the budget is under control and Gulotta has garnered three additional ballot lines in cross-endorsements from the Conservative, Independence and Freedom parties.
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