additional award in a sentence

"additional award" in Chinese  
  1. They may also receive additional awards to settle their individual claims.
  2. There are seven official design categories, and three additional awards.
  3. In addition, the characters within the game received additional awards.
  4. Subsequent books have won additional awards, including the Lambda Literary Award.
  5. Additional awards of the MUA are denoted by bronze oak leaf clusters.
  6. It's difficult to find additional award in a sentence.
  7. Additional awards for armor / protection-related upgrades have been made.
  8. There are additional awards sponsored by AIA member corporations in various categories.
  9. There are additional awards given within the festival that recognize acting performances.
  10. In addition, his peers have recognized his accomplishments with additional awards.
  11. There are additional awards for the official CMB Bugler and Feature Twirler.
  12. In 2016, an additional award, Lifetime Achievement, was introduced.
  13. Additional awards were made to family members and descendants.
  14. Additional awards were presented earlier Sunday in Reliant Hall.
  15. Additional awards of the Army MUC are denoted by bronze oak leaf clusters.
  16. Multiple awards of the medal are authorized with service stars denoting additional awards.
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