additional assistant referee in a sentence

  1. He officiated at additional assistant referee in a team with referee Howard Webb.
  2. It was furthermore announced that additional assistant referees would be deployed at Israel's final tournament.
  3. He officiated at UEFA Euro 2012 as an additional assistant referee in a team led by Howard Webb.
  4. Additional assistant referees were used in the 2013 Scottish Cup Final, the first time they had been utilised in a domestic match in Scottish football.
  5. After having accompanied his countryman Oleg醨io Benqueren鏰 in several UEFA Champions League as additional assistant referee, he refereed matches at 2012 13 UEFA Europa League.
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  7. The result sparked debate on the issue of fair play in football, and fuelled the ongoing debate on the introduction of video refereeing and Additional Assistant Referees into the sport.
  8. Gillett will be joined by Matthew Cream and Luke Brennan as the assistant referees, Paul Cetrangolo as the fourth official and Strebre Delovski and Chris Beath as additional assistant referees.
  9. In 2015 Pawson was put on the FIFA International Referees List meaning that he can officiate in international fixtures, as well as UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League fixtures as either referee or an additional assistant referee.
  10. Chris Beath was named as the referee of the final, together with George Lakrindis and Anton Shchetinin as the assistant referees, Jonathan Barreiro as the fourth official and Kris Griffiths-Jones and Shaun Evans as additional assistant referees.
  11. In UEFA football 2 additional assistant referees are used, each one standing next to a goal post and directly behind the goal line, to watch for fouls occurring within the penalty area and to see if the ball enters the goal.
  12. As part of an ongoing experiment throughout the entire 2009 10 UEFA Europa League, there were also two additional assistant referees with the task of monitoring each penalty area; the extra officials for the 2010 final were Paolo Tagliavento and Andrea De Marco.
  13. In the second half, with Ukraine losing 1 0 to a Wayne Rooney goal, Devi's shot was hooked clear from behind the England goal-line by John Terry under the eyes of the additional assistant referee standing beside the goal ( as confirmed by video replays ).
  14. Following a two-year experiment in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Euro 2012, as well as the AFC President's Cup and competitions in Brazil, France, Italy, Morocco and Qatar, the use of additional assistant referees was approved by the International Football Association Board ( IFAB ) in July 2012.
  15. The FAI's proposals included : no changes to competition formats mid-tournament ( referring to the play off group seeding change ), introduce video technology at the highest level, implement additional assistant referees behind the goal line for all international matches, introduce stronger sanctions for players who breach the Laws of the Game in a " match defining way ", and issuing a statement that " FIFA does not condone breaches " of those Laws, referring to Sepp Blatter's previous statements of empathy with Henry.

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