additional assistance in a sentence

"additional assistance" in Chinese  
  1. We're counting on the mayor's support and additional assistance as necessary ."
  2. I'm fairly involved in providing additional assistance at the user's talk page.
  3. However, Warren's men had extricated themselves from their predicament without additional assistance.
  4. Additional assistance is provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  5. They then receive additional assistance such as participating in a reading remediation program.
  6. It's difficult to find additional assistance in a sentence.
  7. Jolene DeGroot, a department spokeswoman, said officials were prepared to request additional assistance.
  8. On steep hills bullock teams often required additional assistance to negotiate these inclines.
  9. The amount of additional assistance was still being decided, officials said.
  10. EU Commission President Jacques Delors has pushed hard for additional assistance for Northern Ireland.
  11. Mori told Kim that Tokyo is considering giving additional assistance.
  12. The United Nations is pleading for additional assistance to help those inside the country.
  13. The ministers said they hoped other nations would also provide additional assistance to Cambodia.
  14. The United Nations has pleaded for additional assistance to help those inside the country.
  15. Hu said the government would consider additional assistance if necessary.
  16. Despite Pru s protest, they agree to call Cat and ask for additional assistance.
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