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  1. Several computer companies maintain information about adaptive technology for their products.
  2. Cadillac will offer an adaptive seat in its Seville Touring Sedan.
  3. "It's healthy, adaptive behavior ."
  4. "Crying is adaptive behavior, " he says.
  5. And they've got to be adaptive in that way.
  6. It's difficult to find adaptive in a sentence.
  7. This is an example of " adaptive intelligence ."
  8. What should test takers worry about when taking computerized adaptive tests?
  9. But adaptive responses don't always make for good science.
  10. According to some authorities, jealously may have an adaptive purpose.
  11. Adaptive management, they say, rests on two core principles.
  12. The T cells of the adaptive immune system recognize the antigens.
  13. Subjectively unpleasant states of consciousness exist because they were genetically adaptive.
  14. The adaptive function of meiosis is currently a matter of debate.
  15. Plausible classes may include tree-adjoining grammars and adaptive grammars.
  16. Blatchford released another prosthesis, the Adaptive Prosthesis, in 1998.
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