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  1. The theory draws from complexity science and from complex adaptive systems theory.
  2. Complex adaptive systems theory as applied to spatial analysis suggests that simple interactions among proximal entities can lead to intricate, persistent and functional spatial entities at aggregate levels.
  3. The conceptual foundation of serious play combines ideas from constructivism ( Piaget 1951 ), its subsequent version constructionism ( Harel and Papert 1991 ), complex adaptive system theory ( Holland 1995 ) and autopoietic corporate epistemology ( von Krogh and Roos 1994; 1995 ) applied to the context of management and organizations.
  4. Researchers and practitioners who work in this area view human collectives ( small groups, teams, community groups, public and private sector organizations, etc . ) as systems that behave in ways generally consistent with general, open, or complex adaptive systems theory They see social change as a process of adaptation and learning that can be studied and supported at individual, group, and larger social system ( organizational or network ) levels.
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