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  1. Adaptive reuse, as the process is known, can be daunting.
  2. The adaptive reuse was accomplished with only minimal exterior changes.
  3. This was a leading example of adaptive reuse in Minneapolis.
  4. Wychwood Barns has become an influential site of adaptive reuse in Toronto.
  5. It has gone under different adaptive reuse and structural changes.
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  7. Create an exceptional adaptive reuse and historic preservation project.
  8. The trend of adaptive reuse extended to conversion of old churches and schools.
  9. An example of adaptive reuse conversion to office space are The Hilliard Mills.
  10. This approach is also referred to as adaptive reuse.
  11. This three story wood frame apartment house exhibits the adaptive reuse of buildings.
  12. Architects for the adaptive reuse project were Bradfield Associates.
  13. It is today used as a restaurant, an example of adaptive reuse.
  14. The complex has been out of service since 1984, awaiting adaptive reuse.
  15. The renovations won the Best Adaptive Reuse award from Landmarks Illinois in 2007.
  16. The Ivy Hotel was developed through the adaptive reuse of an historic building.
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