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  1. The adaptive response is mediated by the residues : Cys69 and Cys321.
  2. Resilience can be conceptualized as an adaptive response to a challenging situation.
  3. The adaptive response is manifested as the induction of xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes.
  4. EPAS1 is useful in high altitudes as a short term adaptive response.
  5. In such situations, waiting for delayed rewards may not be an adaptive response.
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  7. Hypertrophy is an adaptive response to a long-term increase in pressure.
  8. Extensions of the adaptive response are the toxic responses elicited by Ahr activation.
  9. This has been termed an'adaptive response'and is related to hypothetical mechanisms of hormesis.
  10. Adaptive response surface methodology can be used to solve this problem.
  11. The updates included integrated captive portal policies, adaptive response quotas, and HTTP caching.
  12. Mammalian hosts react to infections with an adaptive response.
  13. Sudden prolonged immobility or faked death is an adaptive response exhibited by many mammalian species.
  14. The only adaptive response that dolphins could make to it was to breed more readily.
  15. The program is revised each year, as the Adaptive Response Technology is tweaked and enhanced.
  16. Because of a lack of adaptive response, too many boys act out in violence and anger,
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