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  1. This attributional style can foster more adaptive reactions to both success and failure.
  2. That kind of healthy, adaptive reaction is more typical than not, says Rodgers.
  3. Increased formation of ROS within the mitochondria may cause an adaptive reaction which produces increased stress resistance and a long-term reduction of oxidative stress.
  4. Regulation of tissue cell mass by the TAS mechanism can be carried out in two physiological regimes  ether by formation of  conservative or  dynamic phase of this adaptive reaction.
  5. This harsh response, though an adaptive reaction useful against infection, can cause death when large amounts of such cells are encountered after a blood transfusion, a circumstance not encountered in natural selection prior to modern history.
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  7. And depression likewise seems like a fairly adaptive reaction to the presence of predators, or a world where most people would love to lock you in a stress position and torture you for years on end if they can collect a salary from it . talk ) 01 : 09, 14 December 2014 ( UTC)

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