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  1. In the case of Xvid, the algorithm is intended to make up for the earlier limitations in its Adaptive Quantization mode.
  2. Gain-adaptive quantization may be independently enabled for each frequency bin within a channel, and permits variable-length mantissa encoding.
  3. "' Variance Adaptive Quantization "'( "'VAQ "') is a video encoding algorithm that was first introduced in the open source video encoder x264.
  4. Visual quality algorithms include CU-Tree ( the successor to x264's macroblock-tree ), adaptive quantization, b-pyramid, weighted prediction and psycho-visual optimizations ( psy-rd and psy-rdoq ).
  5. "' Lumi masking "'( derived from luminance ), also known as "'psychovisual enhancements "'or "'adaptive quantization "', is a technique used by video compression software, which reduces quality in very bright or very dark areas of the picture, as quality loss in these areas is less likely to be visible.
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