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  1. This makes the information much more accessible, which makes adaptive process changes possible.
  2. This is an adaptive process that adjusts automatically to background noise and environmental influences.
  3. In its emphasis on iterative governance, adaptive processes, and self-organization,.
  4. Sometimes, the adaptive process can continue after one translation.
  5. At the highest level, reference values ( goals ) are set by heredity or adaptive processes.
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  7. Adaptive processes typically become trapped on such optima.
  8. As a result of this adaptive process they infer beliefs about themselves, others and their environment.
  9. This is due to both behavioral and physiological adjustments, since there are different types of adaptive processes.
  10. Knowledge creation, knowledge retention, and knowledge transfer can be seen as adaptive processes that are functions of experience.
  11. In the paraxial mesoderm, however, development is a dynamic and adaptive process that adjusts according to posterior body growth.
  12. The political dimension of the colony under early British rule is also revelatory of a series of intertwined adaptive processes.
  13. Competing value claims will inevitably arise and lead to conflicts that must be addressed through an inclusive, deliberative and adaptive process.
  14. This allowed for human adaptation of the environment to be a learned process, unlike nonhuman species, whose adaptive process is instinctual.
  15. Demand for richer services, like MMS ( multimedia messaging service ) will be " an evolutionary adaptive process, " he said.
  16. Such narrative flow is a highly adaptive process, crucial for planning, evaluating, explaining, as well as recalling the past and imagining a future.
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