adaptive principle in a sentence

"adaptive principle" in Chinese  
  1. It was created to exploit this adaptive principle in a modern electro-acoustic instrument.
  2. Hypotheses posited in behavioural ecology are generally based on adaptive principles of conservation, optimization, or efficiency.
  3. The Gravikord is a new American instrument closely related to both the African kora and the kalimba was created in the latter 20th century to also exploit this adaptive principle in a modern electro-acoustic instrument.
  4. In summary, Langs'approach to psychotherapy is deeply rooted in the psychoanalytic tradition, but differs from mainstream psychoanalysis in significant ways : he ( 1 ) draws his approach from evolutionary biology and the principle of adaptation; ( 2 ) treats the unconscious according to adaptive principles; ( 3 ) roots psychic conflict fundamentally in death anxiety and death-related traumas.
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