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  1. APC is related to linear predictive coding ( LPC ) in that both use adaptive predictors.
  2. In such scenarios, two-level adaptive predictor works more efficiently than a saturation counter.
  3. The advantage of the two-level adaptive predictor is that it can quickly learn to predict an arbitrary repetitive pattern.
  4. A two-level adaptive predictor with globally shared history buffer and pattern history table is called a " gshare " predictor if it Atom processors.
  5. A two-level adaptive predictor remembers the history of the last n occurrences of the branch and uses one saturating counter for each of the possible 2 n history patterns.
  6. It's difficult to find adaptive predictor in a sentence.
  7. The general rule for a two-level adaptive predictor with an n-bit history is that it can predict any repetitive sequence with any period if all n-bit sub-sequences are different.

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