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  1. An adaptive management paradigm is the missing element in current attempts to transform businesses into adaptive organizations.
  2. "This is an adaptive organization, a very dynamic organization, " said Jerrold M . Post, director of the political psychology program at George Washington University.
  3. Practopoiesis is a theory of adaptive organization of living systems in which autopoiesis of an " organism " or a " cell " occurs through allopoiesis among its " components ".
  4. Finally, William E . Fulmer, author of " Shaping the Adaptive Organization " ( Amacom, 2000 ), finds adaptability to be at the core of the new communication style needed in today's workplace.
  5. Integrating these services into a coordinated strategy for organization development ( OD ) can also strengthen business continuity planning and facilitate the transition from a static to an adaptive organization, i . e ., an organization that is able to effectively adapt to changes in signals from its external operating environment.
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  7. Progress comes in small doses . " " The Christian Science Monitor " quoted Martel in 2008, saying of al-Qaeda's recruitment of Americans : " It's an immensely adaptive organization ", while adding that it could potentially make it more open to penetration by western spies . " It could make it easier for us to understand what they're doing, and why, " said Martel.

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