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  1. It features techniques such as just-in-time compilation and adaptive optimization designed to improve performance.
  2. Adaptive optimization is a complementary technique in which the interpreter profiles the running program and compiles its most frequently executed parts into native code.
  3. However, more complex methods are often employed, which specialize compiled code fragments to parameters known only at runtime ( see Adaptive optimization ).
  4. DynamoRIO supports adaptive optimization and adaptive instrumentation by allowing a tool to remove or modify its instrumentation at any point throughout the execution of the target program.
  5. "' Adaptive optimization "'is a technique in computer science that performs dynamic recompilation of portions of a program based on the current execution profile.
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  7. At another level, adaptive optimization may take advantage of local data conditions to optimize away branches and to use inline expansion to decrease the cost of procedure calls.
  8. JIT compilation is a form of dynamic compilation, and allows adaptive optimization such as dynamic recompilation  thus in theory JIT compilation can yield faster execution than static compilation.
  9. Profile-guided optimization is an ahead-of-time ( AOT ) compilation optimization technique based on runtime profiles, and is similar to a static " average case " analog of the dynamic technique of adaptive optimization.
  10. It is interesting that aggressive JIT methods such as adaptive optimization often produce code fragments unsuitable for sharing across processes or successive runs of the program, requiring a tradeoff be made between the efficiencies of precompiled and shared code and the advantages of adaptively specialized code.
  11. The observation that together, monomorphic and polymorphic inline caches collect per-call-site receiver type information as a side-effect of optimizing program execution led to the development of adaptive optimization in Self, where the run-time optimizes " hot spots " in the program using the type information in inline caches to guide speculative inlining decisions.

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