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  1. For the largest telescopes, adaptive optics systems work only at infrared wavelengths.
  2. The disk is the first new object discovered with extreme adaptive optics.
  3. Vortex coronographs have been used in conjunction with adaptive optics for astronomy.
  4. Other applications include tunable light sources, image recognition systems and adaptive optics.
  5. Most ground-based telescopes need adaptive optics to split Pluto and Charon.
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  7. They could break the high price threshold of conventional adaptive optics.
  8. Corrections can be made by using adaptive optics or post-processing techniques.
  9. Townes was a leader in the effort to remove secrecy from adaptive optics.
  10. This adaptive optics system bounces the main image off a flexible secondary mirror.
  11. Mirrors with adaptive optics have been around for years, Jastrow explained.
  12. Thin shell mirror for ESO's Very Large Telescope Adaptive Optics Facility.
  13. His work combined convex optimization, machine learning, adaptive optics and spatial light modulators.
  14. The star is used by adaptive optics to compensate for movements in the atmosphere.
  15. In 2008, the companion star was resolved using adaptive optics at the Lick Observatory.
  16. Some terrestrial telescopes can reduce atmospheric effects with adaptive optics.
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