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  1. This was a very tough book to adapt for the screen,
  2. Fortunately for the Raiders, he adapts quickly to new situations.
  3. Xerox could find it hard to adapt to this cutthroat world.
  4. Companies will have to adapt or be passed by their competition.
  5. But it also adapts to user personalities and degrees of experience.
  6. It's difficult to find adapt in a sentence.
  7. Both shows help Vietnamese adapt to life in the United States.
  8. Organizer companies are making models that easily adapt to family use.
  9. They can adapt to changes in the environment and are persistent.
  10. In important ways, the environmental movement is failing to adapt.
  11. They have had to adapt quickly, or face possible extinction.
  12. They adapt and sip coffee and wait for some unimaginable deliverance.
  13. It's easier to adapt with a left-hander.
  14. Iowa lost primacy in both areas because it failed to adapt.
  15. A delicious team adapts Jane Austen's comedy of manners.
  16. Perhaps it is police who will have to adapt most quickly.
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